Robert Stephens

Navigating Career Paths in Anesthesiology: Opportunities Beyond the Hospital

Hello, I’m Dr. Robert Stephens, and throughout my journey as an anesthesiologist, I’ve had the privilege to explore various facets of this dynamic field. Often, when people think of an anesthesiologist, they picture us stationed in the operating room, our focus trained on the patient on the table. While this is a core part of […]

Integrating Wearable Tech in Anesthesia Practice: A New Frontier for Patient Monitoring

As an attending anesthesiologist with years of experience, I’ve seen first-hand how technology can transform the way we deliver care. From the early days of my career, where monitors were bulky and information was harder to access, to today‚Äôs streamlined, tech-driven solutions, the evolution has been profound. Recently, one of the most exciting advancements I’ve […]